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Artificial Flower Grading Scale

Artificial Flower Grading Scale Materials – Artificial flowers are generally ranked on a scale from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest quality silk flower you can buy.  Although artificial flowers are commonly referred to as silk flowers, not all are made of silk.  Only the higher grades of flowers will be make of silk, rayon, or cotton. Botanical Accuracy – Another element used to grade silk flowers is the look of the flower.  Many…

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How to Clean Silk Flowers

Silk swags, wreaths, and arrangements, are a great way to keep your home beautiful year-round. In fact, many silk flowers today are so realistic, it is difficult to tell whether they are real or artificial. That is, until a layer of dust appears on them. Cleaning can be easy however, and will help extend the life of your beloved silks for years to come. Because silk flowers get dusty just like furniture, they need to…

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