Secret Garden Summer Wreath

Quaint and natural are the two best words to describe this summer wreath. Beautiful silk flowers accented by natural looking ferns, highlight a foam bunny covered with hemp. A pair of blue birds have made a nest on the grapevine garland.


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Our Secret Garden Summer Wreath is just as quaint as it can be. The focal point of this summer wreath is a hemp covered bunny sitting on tree mushrooms, hiding in the flowers. A charming white and tan checked ribbon and bow, with white lace and rick-rack sewn on, adds a delightful country flair. Beautifully decorated with various ferns, foliage, wildflowers, and decorative grasses. A pair of blue birds nesting on a grapevine garland, have made this secret garden their home. Built on an 18” grapevine wreath. Approximate 25” Diameter. Perfect for virtually any room in the home, or as an outside door wreath in a protected area.

Designer’s Note: Our pair of blue birds have made their nest out of branches, cottonwood seeds, and lichen. Inside are two perfect eggs they diligently guard and protect. It has been said that having a bird make a nest in your wreath brings good luck. Not only is this Secret Garden Summer Wreath perfect for the season, but it’s also ready to bring whomever hangs it good fortune.

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6.2 in

grapevine wreath, dried mushrooms, foam and hemp bunny, cloth ribbon and bow, silk flowers and foliage, plastic foliage, foam birds, plastic eggs, grapevine garland