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Treasured Times Autumn Accent Piece

Autumn at it’s finest! We took a porcelain cup with leaves and acorns painted on a distressed finish, then added mums, Chinese lantern flowers, and plump, sun-ripened berry bushes. With cattails, barberri, and autumn leaves as accents, all in gorgeous fall colors of rust, linen, crimson pink, and apple green.


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With our Treasured Times Autumn Accent Piece, you can almost smell the apple cider simmering on the stove. Fall in the north country is a time for family gatherings like ball games, fires, and late season cookouts. What could be better than displaying an accent piece that helps brings back all those fond memories, or adds to the family’s traditions. Our designer’s selected a porcelain cup with autumn leaves and acorns painted on a distressed finish, for a touch of nostalgia. Then selected linen-white chrysanthemums and rust Chinese lantern flowers, with a stylish contrast for maximum affect. Accented by crimson pink cushion mums and apple green berries. Oak and maples leaves in apple green and rust are interspersed throughout. While sprigs of off-white astilbes and cattails in rust and green add the final highlights. A fall accent piece with a charming appeal, perfect wherever a touch of autumn is desired. Approximately 16” High with 14” Diameter

Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 16 in

painted porcelain cup, silk flowers & foliage, artificial berries, cattails, foam insert