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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do you have a store front location?”

A:  No. We are an Internet Based Company.  We locally make silk flower wreaths, swags and arrangements, and sell them on-line.  However, you can meet with us by appointment.

Q: “How do you ship your Wreaths, Swags, or Arrangements, so they look as good when I receive them, as they do in the pictures online?”

A:  We custom pack each item, carefully securing them so they do not move in transit!

“How do I know when my package has been delivered?”

A:  Wreaths, Swags and Arrangements, are shipped via UPS Ground, which has the fastest ground service of any of the carriers.  When your order ships, we will send you an email with your tracking number.  By using this number with UPS Online Tracking Service, you will not only know if the package has been delivered, but you will be able to track it’s progress as well.

“Can I put silk flower wreaths on my front door if it is not covered?”

A:  With a little care, your purchase should last many years.  However, if the Wreath or Swag is in direct sunlight, some fading will occur.  Our wreaths are fairly sturdy, but they should not be left out in strong winds.  Also, if the wreath has dried Eucalyptus on it, it can stain the surrounding silk flowers if it becomes wet.  Our rule of thumb is; if the item is on a protected door, it should last 4 to 5 years.  If the item is exposed to the elements, you can expect 1 season of use.

“What does In Stock mean?”

A:  When a Wreath, Swag, or Arrangement is ‘In Stock’, we have the materials on hand to make that item.  When an order comes in, work usually begins within the next day or two.  For example, if a Wreath is ‘In Stock’, you can usually expect your Wreath to ship within 3 days.  The only disclaimer would be, Christmas and Mother’s Day, when orders may take a little longer.

 “What does Out-of-Stock mean?”

A: When we put merchandise ‘Sold Out’ on the website, we no longer have the materials required to make that item.  That means we are waiting to see if we can get more of those materials from our supplier.  Sometimes materials may only take a few days to come in.  Unfortunately, sometimes it can take a few weeks.  If the materials are no longer available, that item will be pulled from the website.

“Can your web site contain outdated information?”

A:  We strive to make our web site as accurate as possible.  However, sometimes prices can change without notice and inaccurate or outdated information can be on the web site.  We make corrections as quickly as we are aware of the changes.

“What do I do if my package arrives damaged?”

A: In those rare occasions when a box arrives damaged, you should inspect the product for any damages, save all packaging, and report any damaged merchandise to us within 48 hours.

“How do your Storage Bags work?”

A:  The Storage Bags are open on one end and sealed on the other three.  You can cut a small hole at the top of the bag to slip the attached Wreath/Swag hanger through.  You will then be able to hang the item from the hanger, with the bag over it to it from dust particles.  Or, you put the Wreath/Swag in the bag, and fold the bottom under for flat storage.