Christmas & Winter Wreaths

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Wreaths are one of the most traditional of Christmas decorations. Christmas Wreaths not only add a festive touch to your front door, a but can also be hung on outdoor lamp posts, above the mantle, or placed in the entry to welcome friends and family. While artificial and silk flower Christmas & Winter Wreaths may cost a bit more up front, they will also provide you with many more years of enjoyment. Several of our Winter wreaths work great for Christmas as well as for winter, and are left up for the ensuing Winter months. Winter wreaths work great for bringing warmth, color, and charm, to your home or front door. With dozens of colors and sizes to choose from, you are certain to find a wreath that best suits your home and lifestyle. If you’d like, we can even spray your artificial boughs with the aroma of fresh cut spruce, making your wreath even more realistic!

If you’re hanging your wreath outside, we recommend it be in a covered location. This will extend the life of the wreath¬†giving you many years of enjoyment.