What we call the classic swag, is a horizontal design that has been used for many years in the home or office.  They work great over doors, pictures, and for decorating the mantel or holiday table.  The decorator swag has a gentle arch to the design, and looks beautiful over curved decorative pieces.  The arched swag, usually with a 90 degree curve, works well in/over the corners of windows and doors, with many of our customers using these type of swags during the holidays.  The vertical swag goes well in wall groupings, or when used alone as a focal point or accent piece.  We have seasonal swags for spring, summer, fall, and winter, in colors and textures appropriate for the season, as well as holiday swags, which offer an easy and economical way to add decorative charm.  Swags are a great choice for those who like to rotate their seasonal decor throughout the year.  Plus, they make great gifts.  Our designers work with high quality silk flowers, artificial foliage, and natural products, which means your purchase will last for several years with minimum maintenance.

If hanging your swag or sconce outside, we recommend it be in a covered location.  This will extend the life of the swag giving you many years of enjoyment.