Celebrate Love Valentine’s Day Wreath

This delightful Valentine wreath has an upscale design with an engaging color scheme.  Deep reds combine with stark black and white accents for a classic holiday sensation.  While the lighter green foliage strikes a nice balance to create the romantic look and feel.


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Our Celebrate Love Valentine’s Day Wreath is a stunner, and is beautifully designed using the classic colors of the holiday.  For instance, our designers used deep red Zinnias with traces of black on their petals, which inherently gives them a very, realistic appearance.  Then stems of black eucalyptus was added, along with sprigs of white heather.  But what really sets this Valentine wreath apart, is the large decorator bow made with three distinct ribbons.  One, an all red 2.5” satin ribbon, one a black and white 1.5” buffalo checked ribbon, and one a 1.5” all white stripped ribbon.  Together they create a stunning feature!  Which are wonderfully enhanced by strategically placed wooden hearts nestled into the foliage.  Two hearts are black with red glittered centers that read “LOVE”.  The other heart is red with a black trellis design, and a white center that reads “XOXO”.  The green foliage consists of ferns, fig leaves, and wild grasses, which add a softer touch to this seemingly romantic looking Valentine wreath.  Made on an all natural 18” grapevine wreath.  Ready to hang.

Size:  Wreath has approximately a 24” diameter with a 5.5″ depth.


  • 3” multi-colored wooden hearts
  • Realistic looking, high quality silk flower zinnias
  • Large decorator bow using 3 distinct ribbons

Instructions:  The wreath will have a plastic cable tie for hanging.  Or if you prefer, you can hang from the wreath itself.  For doors, a wreath hanger is recommended.  For walls, a hook and nail is usually preferred.


  • Use a hair dryer on a cool cycle on the lowest blow-dry setting.
  • If after a while you find you cannot remove the dust with a hair dryer, use a silk flower cleaner found in most craft stores.
  • The wreath should last for years with proper care.
  • You can easily store the wreath in the box it comes in.

Shipping:  We are currently using UPS Ground for all our silk flower wreaths and swags.  You can request a different carrier, but there will be an additional charge.

Designers Note:  Hang in the home wherever a touch of romance is desired.  Because of the material used for the Happy Valentine’s Day box, we recommend using this wreath in the home.  Or, in a “protected” area outside as a door wreath.


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