Romantic Cottage Garden Decorator Wreath

Drenched in beautiful soft pastel shades of meadow green, lavender, and buttercream, this decorator wreath is sure to become a favorite once hung. Graceful stems of hydrangeas, forget-me-nots and solidago, are beautifully complemented by variegated pittosporum and vines of ivy. While clusters of concord grapes add a romantic flair.

Our Romantic Cottage Garden Wreath offers up some of nature’s softest hues. Delicate hydrangea blossoms in soft pastel shades of pink, spring green, and lavender, shed their romantic charm on this beautifully designed decorator wreath. Dainty sprigs of Forget-me-nots in buttercream and lavender escape from beneath the variegated stems of pittosporum, while fronds of ivy mingle throughout. Eye catching buttercream solidago and purple berries add to the perfectly balanced mix. Carefully placed concord grapes looking fresh picked from the orchard further enhances the look and feel of a summer’s romance. Ready to hang in any room where a touch of romance is desired. Built on a 16” grapevine wreath with 22” Diameter

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 5 in

Silk flowers and foliage, plastic ivy, artificial grapes and berries, grapevine wreath, plastic cable tie for hanging