Savannah’s Garden Summer Wreath

All the lush colors of summer are represented on this gorgeous wreath.  Tulips, lace cap hydrangeas, freesias, safflowers and cosmos, are beautifully complemented by ficus leaves and trailing vines of ivy in various shades of green.  The dramatic colors of yellow, rose, and green, combine to make this the perfect decorator wreath as well.


Only nature herself could rival the beauty of our Savannah’s Garden Summer Wreath!  Jumbo sized tulip blossoms in red, rose, and yellow, set the stage for a classic style and grace, usually found in a souther garden.  But you can bring the relaxed, romantic appeal into your home, to enjoy year round.  Spring-green lace capped hydrangeas beautifully complement our rose tulips, while freesia in rose, pink and yellow add another dimension of subtle, pastel shades.  Salient buttercup safflowers and pale yellow cosmos bring soft contrasting highlights to the mix, while ficus leaves and trailing ivy in various shades of green bring depth to the background.  Finally, a lovely green and white ribbon tied loosely into a bow, further enhances the casual, yet elegant appeal.

Designer’s Note:  All silk flowers used on this wreath are so realistic, you will believe they are fresh-cut.  Perfect as a decorator wreath in the bedroom, bath, entry, or kitchen.


Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in

2.5 inch cloth ribbon, cable tie for hanging, Grapevine Wreath, natural touch silk flowers, silk flowers and foliage