The Swag Club

The Swag Club is perfect for that special person you would like to treat with a truly unique, not-to-be-forgotten gift.  Your gift recipient will receive 4 swags in a year, one for each season.  These swags are big and gorgeous!


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Our Swag Club will treat yourself or someone special to a beautiful sconce or vertical swag, 4 times a year, one for each season.  Vertical swags work great for decorating doors, as accent pieces on walls in a decorative grouping, or as a stand alone as a focal point.  Imagine your gift recipient excitedly awaiting the arrival of their seasonal swag, which arrives the first week of the new season.  We have received many compliments from both gift givers and gift receivers, about the quality and value of our swags.  Gift givers tell us they get calls from their loved ones anxiously telling them about their latest seasonal swag.  Just as the gift recipient writes us about how fun it is to receive their packages, and how delighted they always are at what’s inside.  If you have a hard to buy for person on your gift list, this just might be the perfect gift for you. The Swag Club also makes the perfect gift for those in retirement communities.  Or, for those people who have a harder time leaving their homes.  You can’t go wrong with the Swag Club!

Cost includes shipping of subsequent swags (initial swag shipping is $14.95).

Swag #1

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Swag #2

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Swag #3

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Swag #4

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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