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30×36 Wreath Storage Bag

Many people have several seasonal wreaths they rotate on the front door, or in the home.  To protect these investments, many of our customers use our exclusive 1 mil thick wreath bags.  They’re light enough, they won’t crush or damage the wreath’s flowers or foliage, yet thick enough, to resist punctures or tears.


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Our wreath storage bag will protect your wreaths or swags when they’re not on display.  The 1 mil thick storage bags are open on one end and sealed on the other three.  You can tie, staple, or tape the bottom of the bag to further insulate the product from unwanted debris.  The plastic is harder to puncture, easier to see through, and keeps most dust at bay.

We’ve experimented with bags of different weights, and actually prefer the 1 mil thickness to thicker plastic bags.  For example, a typical 1.5 mil plastic bag can weigh down the flowers, foliage, or decorator bows, which can change the appearance of the wreath or swag.  Vis versa, we’ve found lighter weight bags puncture far too easily.

Dimension:  30” Wide x 36” Long


  • 3 sealed sides with one end open
  • Seal the 4th side of the bag by tying, stapling, or taping

Shipping:  We are currently shipping all wreaths bags via USPS Retail Ground.  You can request a different carrier or service, but there will be an additional charge.

Please Note:  These bags will fit most wreaths with a 24” Diameter and a 6” Depth


1 mil poly plastic


Protects wreaths and swags from dust, dander, and dog hair