Forsythia and Dogwood Spring Wreath

What a show stopper this spring wreath will make!  Brilliant yellow forsythia branches are beautifully accentuated by purple flowers and ribbon.  The size and depth of this wreath will easily be seen from the sidewalk or street.  So real looking in fact, it will almost look as if the branches were fresh cut.


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Our Forsythia and Dogwood Spring Wreath is ready to herald the beginning of spring, and give a warm welcome to friends and family alike!  Forsythia is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and they are a show stopper for sure.  You can’t help but notice a forsythia in bloom, and the same thing is true for our forsythia spring wreath.  Because it’s simply bursting with multitudes of forsythia branches in the most vibrant shades of yellow.  Purple dogwood branches woven into the branches, create a stunning contrast.  Last but not least, a purple linen ribbon tied into a bow is nestled into the branches, emphasizing the purple dogwood blossoms interwoven throughout.   This spring wreath would look great in a protected area as a front door wreath.  Ready to hang.

Size:  Wreath has approximately a 25” diameter with a 7″ depth.


      • Brilliant yellow Forsythia branches
      • Purple Dogwood
      • 2.5” purple linen ribbon

Instructions:  The wreath will have a plastic cable tie for hanging.  Or if you prefer, you can hang from the wreath itself.  For doors, a wreath hanger is recommended.  For walls, a hook and nail is usually preferred.


      • We recommend outside wreaths be hung in an area where wind, rain, snow, and sun, cannot penetrate the wreath.
      • Use a hair dryer on a cool cycle on the lowest blow-dry setting to remove any unwanted dust.
      • If after a while you cannot remove the dust with a hair dryer, use a silk flower cleaner found in most craft stores.
      • By utilizing these simple guidelines, your artificial wreath should last for years!


      • We are currently using UPS Ground for all our silk flower wreaths and swags.  You can request a different carrier, but there will most likely be an additional charge.
      • Please call for local delivery options and pricing.

Designers Note:  Who doesn’t love forsythias in bloom.  It’s one of the first flowers to appear, and it is also one of the most brilliant in color.  You will absolutely love this spring wreath.


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2.5" wired linen ribbon, artificial foliage, Grapevine Wreath, plastic cable tie, Silk Flowers