Prairie Sunflowers Summer Wreath

Featuring beautiful sunflowers in yellow, orange, and gold!  A wooden sign with bees and sunflowers reads, ‘bee happy’, and is wonderfully highlighted by two different ribbons to create a uniquely, summer bow.  With ferns, foxtails, hemp, and ficus leaves, intertwined throughout.


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This Prairie Sunflowers Summer Wreath is full of warmth and sunshine!  You can’t help but smile when you see sunflowers, and our summer wreath is loaded with them.  Featuring American Giant Heirlooms, Native American Arikaras, and Maximilian’s Dakota Sunshines.

Gold and yellow Achillea interspersed throughout the sunflowers add contrast.  While dark green ficus leaves offset the yellow and gold silk flowers.  To further the prairie summertime appeal, wild grasses, ferns, foxtails and hemp, were added to create a casual looking summer wreath.

A distressed wooden sign with bees and sunflowers reads, “bee happy”, and is beautifully accented by two, 1.5” wired ribbons.  One with orange Monarch butterflies, the other with a black and white checked design.  This summer wreath is sure to put a smile on your face, and is perfect in the home, or as a door wreath in a protected area outside.  Built on a grapevine wreath and ready to hang.

Size:  Wreath has approximately a 25” diameter with a 5″ depth.


      • Realistic looking Achillea and Sunflowers
      • Black and white checked ribbon
      • Yellow ribbon with orange butterflies
      • Wooden sign with bees and flowers

Instructions:  The wreath will have a plastic cable tie for hanging.  Or if you prefer, you can hang from the wreath itself.  For doors, a wreath hanger is recommended.  For walls, a hook and nail is usually preferred.


      • We recommend outside wreaths be hung in an area where wind, rain, snow, and sun, cannot penetrate the wreath.
      • Use a hair dryer on a cool cycle on the lowest blow-dry setting to remove any unwanted dust.
      • If after a while you cannot remove the dust with a hair dryer, use a silk flower cleaner found in most craft stores.
      • By utilizing these simple guidelines, your artificial wreath should last for years!


      • We are currently using UPS Ground for all our silk flower wreaths and swags.  You can request a different carrier, but there will most likely be an additional charge.
      • Please call for local delivery options and pricing.

Designers Note:  To Native American groups, sunflowers represented harvest, bounty, and provision.  While the sunflower’s yellow color, symbolizes vitality, intelligence, and happiness. The color yellow also traditionally symbolizes friendship.

Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in

1.5" wired ribbons, artificial foliage, Grapevine Wreath, plastic cable tie, poly accents, Silk Flowers, wood sign


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