Tulips and Hydrangeas Summer Wreath

We used the lighter shades of summer for this stunning summer wreath.  Pastel colors of peach and yellow combine to create an unmistakable look, perfect for the season.  Designed using tulips, ranunculus, dogwoods, and forget-me-nots.  A light green decorator ribbon and bow adds the final touches.


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Our Tulips and Hydrangeas Summer Wreath will greet your friends and family with a warm and sunny welcome.  Built on an 18” grapevine wreath, designed using the enticing colors only summer can provide.  Pastel shades of peach, green and yellow, combine for an unforgettable color combination.

By using dark peach tulips, we beautifully highlighted the light peach hydrangeas, and miniature tulips.  While the branches of dogwood in lemon yellow, intermix with the peach flowers, for a delightful color combination.  To further enhance the peach and yellow color palette, we added dark peach forget-me-nots and wildflowers in yellow.

As the natural flow of ferns and grasses in soft green pastel shades intermingle with some of the warmer colors of the summer wreath, the ranunculus blossoms in a lighter yellow, create a stunning addition.  Last but not least, we added a 2.5” semitransparent checked ribbon and bow in sprig green.  Ready to hang.

Size:  Wreath has approximately a 25” diameter with a 6.4″ depth.


      • Pastel shades of peach and yellow
      • Light green artificial foliage
      • 2.5” Green, semitransparent checked ribbon and bow

Instructions:  The wreath will have a plastic cable tie for hanging.  Or if you prefer, you can hang from the wreath itself.  For doors, a wreath hanger is recommended.  For walls, a hook and nail is usually preferred.


      • Use a hair dryer on a cool cycle on the lowest blow-dry setting.
      • If after a while you cannot remove the dust with a hair dryer, use a silk flower cleaner found in most craft stores.

Shipping:  We are currently using UPS Ground for all our silk flower wreaths and swags.  You can request a different carrier, but there will be an additional charge.

Designers Note:  We used the beautiful pastel side of summer colors for this delightful summer wreath.

Weight 5.7 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 8 in

2.5" polyester ribbon, Grapevine Wreath, plastic cable tie, poly foliage, silk foliage and flowers


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