WREATHS vs WHICH SILK FLOWERS TO BUY February 16, 2017 – Posted in: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Earlier I wrote an article about the different grades of silk flowers.  In this article I would like to take that a bit further, and describe which silk flowers to buy vs. what wreath project you are working on. Some silk flower grades make a lot more sense than others in this regard.

DOOR WREATHS are very popular and are frequently hung on front doors as seasonal wreaths. If the door is in a protected area, then silk flower grades 2 and 3 will work for you.  However, if the door is open to the elements, (rain, sun, wind), you most likely will want to stay with grade 2, and some grade 1. If you are hanging the wreath on an inside door, like the back of a front door in the entry, using grade 3 silk materials with some grade 2 work well.

I always tell my customers, if you are hanging your wreath on an outside door that’s protected, your wreath should last 4 to 5 years. If your door is open to the elements, you can expect your wreath to last a season. A season being; if you’re hanging a Spring wreath in March, it should last from early to mid summer. So approximately 3 to 4 months.

DECORATOR WREATHS are just that, they’re hung in the home or office to decorate a wall. Decorator wreaths further enhance your decorating style, as well as add color and contrast to a room.

Large decorator wreaths with 30+ inch diameters, work great over mantles, in the entry, or on a large wall, where other decor may not work. How formal the area is where you’ll be hanging the wreath, somewhat determines the grade of silk flowers you should choose. For example, an elegant entry tells your guests you like beautiful materials, and the wreath should reflect and maintain that imagery. I would recommend going with grade 3 silks and above. If the decorator wreath is going above a mantle, you can generally relax this rule and go with all grade 3 silks.

Average sized decorator wreaths generally have approximate 24 inch diameters. They work well in the kitchen, sunroom, bedroom or bath. These wreaths work great in groupings, or as a stand alone. They can set the style and tone for an entire room, or add the finishing decorative touches. The materials used on these wreaths are probably best in mostly grade 3.

Wreaths placed on grave sites, fences, or mailboxes, are going to get a lot of abuse from the elements. I would recommend using primarily silk flower grades 1 and 2 for these situations. You will probably be replacing these wreaths often, or using them for a limited time only.

Note: There are always exceptions to the rule, and you know your environment best. So in the end, you should be the judge of how much money you want to spend on each project. Keeping in mind, silk flower materials above grade 2 can become expensive.

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